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Better Business Cases - Investing for Change for Better Value

Page updated 19 Mar 2015


Our primary objective is to improve decision making.

Our secondary objectives are to:

  • reduce the costs of developing business cases
  • make the business case production and review process more efficient
  • conform with recognised good practice.

What is Better Business Cases (BBC)?

It is a systematic way for stakeholders to work and think together to provide a business case, with fit for purpose analysis, which gives confidence to decision makers that investing in a proposed programme or project is justified following the five case model:

there is a compelling case for change, 'Strategic case'; the way forward optimises value for money, 'Economic case';
									 the potential deal with the market is commercially viable, 'Commercial case'; the proposal is affordable, 'Financial case';
                                     the proposal can be delivered successfully, 'Management case'

The approach follows key principles:

  • no surprises due to planned, early and staged engagements with key stakeholders
  • a campaign by the stakeholders demonstrating how they can deliver benefits, not a compliance document to get the money
  • thinking not writing, and
  • fit for purpose analysis effort based on the decision being sought.

If, after the investment decision, the project is well delivered and/or the programme is well managed there is greater likelihood that project benefits will be delivered and/or programme outcomes will be achieved.


The New Zealand 'concise' version of the guidance is based on the UK version, with the consent of the International BBC Steering Committee (HM Treasury, the Welsh Government, and the New Zealand Treasury). The key differences between the UK version, upon which the global accredited training is based, and the NZ version is summarised in this table. The accredited training in New Zealand will be based on the New Zealand version of the guidance. The International version is to be released mid 2015.


We provide guidance for specific type of business cases.

Training and Support Programme

Beginning in February 2015, The Treasury BBC training programme will transition to private sector providers through the Association of Project Management Group (APMG). Through collaboration with HM Treasury, The Welsh Government, and the New Zealand Treasury, APMG has developed a formal certification in the Better Business Case (BBC) framework.

Training Programme

For further information on how New Zealand Public Sector employees who have attended the Treasury training can become certified, and how to access the accredited BBC training.

The Evaluation and Way Forward

Evaluation & the Way Forward

Our 2013 National Evaluation and way forward shows how we are focussing on improving capability in the State Sector

Endorsed BBC Expert Practitioner and Reviewer pilot

In 2013 we launched this pilot as a way of improving capability in Priority Public Sector Organisations so business cases meet the standard at reduced time and cost. See our list of Endorsed Experts. Find out more about the pilot.

Priority Public Sector Organisations can nominate potential experts. Each candidate seeking endorsement submitted their application form, with two business cases and a 360 survey for interview and assessment by the International BBC Standards Board. Find out more about the pilot.

When does BBC apply in New Zealand?

State Sector

Cabinet Office Circular CO (10) 2.

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Agency

Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Agency (CERA)

New Zealand Transport Agency

New Zealand Transport Agency

Auckland Council

For capital project investments Auckland Plan, paragraph 827 refers

Health Sector

The National Health Board Capital Investment Committee.

Tertiary Education Sector

For any investment or borrowing proposal that requires approval from TEC, Secretary for Education and/or Ministers.

Local Government

The Society of Local Government Managers are considering the promotion of BBC across local government nationally

Good Practice

Significant interest from organisations to use as good practice approach

Contact for Enquiries

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