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Development of the New Zealand Infrastructure Plan 2015

Page updated 6 Aug 2015

The work planned over 2015 to develop the New Zealand Infrastructure Plan, due for release in August, builds on the work programme over the past few years that focused on developing the national infrastructure evidence base, agreeing the story it told, identifying the key challenges or issues to focus on and building a collective New Zealand Inc view.

In summary, the 2015 work programme starts at the high level with the underlying story and vision for the Plan, progressing into increasing detail with a comprehensive and coordinated Action Plan agreed across central and local government and the private sector.  Along the way, there are a series of major engagement points – the New Zealand Infrastructure Forum (31 March – 1 April) and regional workshops (13 April – 5 May) in addition to written feedback and input and a large number of individual discussions with key stakeholders, businesses, local authorities and individuals.

Stakeholders have identified five key expectations of the next Plan, these are that it:

  • Reinforces the current strategic direction (the vision and outcomes)
  • Matures the debate around future needs and responses
  • Is a collective infrastructure plan by NZ Inc across the private sector, central and local government
  • Has increased specificity about the action plan and future investment programme required to achieve the strategic direction
  • Is underpinned by a more robust evidence base of future need and current performance

The work programme to develop the 2015 Plan is driven by these and aims to deliver a Plan that meets these expectations.

From the documents table below, you are able to access the latest information for the Forum, Workshops, Policy papers, presentations etc.  To stay in touch with latest developments, see Infrastructure Update, the NIU newsletter.



Key documents and resources will be posted below for feedback and to keep you informed of progress

The release documents listed here are available in Adobe PDF format only. HTML versions can be supplied on request by Information Services at the Treasury.
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