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National Infrastructure Plan 2011

Publication Details

  • National Infrastructure Plan 2011
  • Published: 4 Jul 2011
  • Status: Current
  • Author: National, Infrastructure Unit
  • Pages: (6),57
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-37851-1 (Online)
  • ISBN: 978-0-478-37850-4 (Print)
  • Pub. type: Infrastructure Plans

National Infrastructure Plan 2011

Published 4 Jul 2011
Page updated 30 Aug 2011

This is the second National Infrastructure Plan to be released by the Government. The first Plan was released in April 2010. Publication of the 2011 Plan follows consultation with the National Infrastructure Advisory Board and a series of regional infrastructure workshops facilitated by the National Infrastructure Unit.

The National Infrastructure Plan is designed to reduce uncertainty for businesses by outlining the Government's intentions for infrastructure development over a 20 year timeframe. It is directional rather than directive, that is, it provides a framework for infrastructure development rather than a detailed list of projects. The document includes a series of actions, working towards the next release in 2014.

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National Infrastructure Plan 2011

nip-jul11.pdf (2,678 KB) pp. 68

Ministers' Foreword

Foreword: National Infrastructure Advisory Board

Executive Summary

nip-jul11-pt1.pdf (426 KB) pp. 9

Part One - A National Plan for Infrastructure

nip-jul11-pt2.pdf (1,062 KB) pp. 20

Part Two - Sectors

nip-jul11-pt3.pdf (1,525 KB) pp. 30

Part Three - Implementation

nip-jul11-pt4.pdf (354 KB) pp. 9


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